As required by Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003, “Code for the Protection of Personal Data” (hereinafter “Legislative Decree No. 196/2003”), we inform you that personal data that you have supplied to I.M.S. S.p.A may be processed by I.M.S. S.p.A in accordance with the provisions of the abovementioned statute and confidentiality obligations.

The processing of personal data includes their collection, recording, organization, storage, handling, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, utilization, linkage, blocking, communication, dissemination, deletion and destruction.

The data will be processed for purposes inherent in the mutual obligations that arise from the contract you have entered into. More specifically, personal data are and can be processed for the following purposes:

  • Performance of the obligations that arise from a contract that exists with the party supplying the data (individual/legal entity);
  • Execution of all operational and management activities related to the abovementioned contract (e.g., invoicing, credit protection and other administrative, management and organizational services that are necessary for the execution of the contract);
  • Statistical surveys of customer satisfaction;
  • Announcement of marketing programs promoted I.M.S. S.p.a. and/or by its subsidiaries.

The processing of the abovementioned data will be done with tools that guarantee security and confidentiality and may involve the use of automated devices that can store, manage and transmit the data.

Please also be advised that your personal data will be handled in a manner that complies with the provisions of Article 11 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, which, among other obligations, states that the data must be:

  • processed in a lawful manner and fairly;
  • collected and stored for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and used in other data processing transactions in a manner compatible with these requirements;
  • accurate and, when necessary, up-to-date; pertinent, complete and not excessive in light of the purposes for which they were collected and later processed;
  • stored in a manner that permits the identification of the party who supplied the data for a period that may not exceed the length of time needed to achieve the objectives for which the data were collected and later processed.

We also advise you that (without prejudice to the obligation of securing your consent when the law requires it) the personal data you supplied may be shared with:

  • I.M.S. S.p.A. and other its subsidiaries
  • Parties (public administration, government authorities and banks) that need to be contacted to execute the relationship that you have entered into;
  • Parties to whom, depending on the circumstances, the communication and transmission of personal data is allowed without the consent of the interested party, within the limits of the amount of communications and transmissions that may be necessary to attain the intended purpose;
  • Commercial partners of our Company;
  • Other parties to whom we entrust the task of shipping, communicating or forwarding printed documents, bundles or packages, including commercial or advertising materials.

Moreover, we wish to advise you that with regard to the processing of data referred to above, you may exercise the rights available under Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, a complete copy of which is available at our offices.

Pursuant to Article 13, Section 1, Letter c) of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, we inform you that your refusal to supply the required data could objectively prevent our Company from establishing and properly carrying out a contractual relationship with you.

Lastly, we inform you that the party responsible for processing the data is I.M.S. S.p.A., a company with registered office in Genoa, Via Evandro Ferri 26.

An updated list of the individuals responsible for processing the data subject of this communication may be consulted at the Administrative Office of I.M.S. S.p.A., located in Genoa, Via Evandro Ferri 26. The rights available under Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 may be exercised by sending a specific message by fax to +39-010-740-6261, addressed to the abovementioned Administrative Office, or by using the dedicated mailbox at the following e-mail address:

The Data Processing Manager

I.M.S. Spa